Your music. Better.

David Francisco Platillero

Working With Me

Whatever project you have, I'm here to make sure it gets to where you want it to be. Here's how we get there:


This is where we meet, and you show me your songs. We discuss goals for the project, find good reference tracks, and come up with a rough tracking list.


This is the "Studio Time", and this segment of the process is different for every project. Generally, I try to knock out the foundational tracks (drums, bass, guitars), and end with vocals. One major perk of working with me is that I can play a wide variety of instruments, and every person to date that I have produced have me play on their recordings. This is probably the biggest benefit to working with me, and IT'S INCLUDED!

Another nice thing about working with me is that I have connections to some of the best studios in the world. It's actually more affordable than you would think to rent out some of these studios.


This is the back-and-forth process where I send the client a mix, and the client returns mix notes for that mix. This generally takes 3 iterations.


This is the final step to the process, adding the "polishing touches" to each track. Boosting the level of the tracks, enhancing the sonic quality, and ensuring consistency between tracks are all involved in the process. Generally, mastering is done by a third party, though I've mastered many projects coming out of the studio with exceptional results.


I Want to work with you, and my pricing is flexible based on your budget. I promise to give you the best possible value for your money. It all depends on the scope.

With larger budgets, we can rent out a larger studio space for a live tracking scenario and hire players for strings, drums, or whatever else you may need.