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David Francisco Platillero

My name is David Francisco Platillero. One quarter of my blood is Spanish, and I love my Spanish heritage. In fact, I got my middle name from my grandfather.

Music became a passion to me in early high school. I began recording for fun with my dad's audio gear, and ended up getting more and more addicted to the idea of capturing a feeling with sound, like a photo captures a moment. 

I had no idea that recording would become my job. I had a great time with some of my best friends in college playing gigs and recording an album (Maplehurst), but after graduating  (with a degree in Electrical Engineering), I decided to begin a career in music. I began a solo project and built out my home studio. 

I love my job. I get to create art with others, and I generally get to know them pretty well. I make friends. I build relationships. And I capture these memories for them and for me.